All configuration files can be found at the project root.



The svelte.config.js file is the main config file for your project, which allows you to configure various project and build options which are consumed by SvelteKit. This config isn’t required to run your project, but we have included a few simple things that we can’t live without.

const config = {
  kit: {
    // hydrate the <div id="svelte"> element in src/app.html
    target: '#svelte',
    vite: {
      resolve: {
        alias: {
          '$styles': resolve(__dirname, "./src/styles/"),
          '$components': resolve(__dirname, "./src/components/"),
  // A Svelte preprocessor with sensible defaults and support for: PostCSS, SCSS, Less, 
  // Stylus, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, Pug and much more.
  preprocess: [
      scss: {
        // Paths to entry files
        includePaths: ['./src/styles', './node_modules'],
        // Adds our global variables, functions, and mixins to every style block with lang="scss"
          '@import "./src/styles/_functions.scss";' + 
          '@import "./src/styles/tokens/_index.scss";' + 
          '@import "./src/styles/mixins/_index.scss";',
      postcss: {
        plugins: [

Other Files


SvelteKit also comes with config files for tools such as Prettier and ESLint.

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