Planter is a CLI for starting projects from a personal library of starters or from an existing repo. Start your next project using Planter.

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Add to your library.

Install the Planter CLI.

Add a planter to your library.

npm i -g @planter/cli
planter add user/project my-planter
My Library


    Clone your saved planter with no git history.

    planter create user/project my-planter
    My Library
    My Library

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      Why Planter?

      Quickly cloning a repo with zero git history can be cumbersome, and managing a library of boilerplates isn't always easy.

      Planter is a tool that enables you to...

      • Reduce friction when starting new projects from existing code.
      • Quickly try out public repos in one line: planter create <repo-url>
      • Maintain and re-use unpublished / non-repo directories via Local Planters.

      Be nice to your future self and get started with Planter.

      MIT Licensed | © 2024 Matthew & Matt at Ditto Labs