Planter is a CLI created to help you maintain and use project starters quickly and easily. Stop wasting time setting up projects and start new ones with planters!

What is a Planter?


A planter is a repo that you have added to your list that you can then use create to quickly start a new project from with no git history. You can also use create with a remote repo directly without referencing an existing planter.

Think of a planter as an easily accessible bookmark to a repo. You can use that bookmark to create a brand new project from that repo with no git history.

Getting Started



npm i -g @planter/cli

Adding your own planter

planter add my-planter user/repo
Planter my-planter added.

planter create my-planter my-project
🪴 Planted!
Used my-planter at my-project

Using a remote repo

planter create user/repo my-project
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