Local planters enable folks to quickly use Planter without needing a remote repo or even a git repository at all. This flexibility enables planter to be used for unpublished code such as a frequently used code sandbox or works in progress.

Keep in mind, if your local planter is a repo it will always plant the current branch. (Local planters are tied to the directory, not the branch/repo.)


├─ src/
│   ├─ script.js
│   ├─ style.css
│   └─ index.html
└─ .planterignore

Add a local planter with the add command using the local option (--local).

Ignore Files


When using local repos Planter will respect ignore files. Planter supports .gitignore and/or .planterignore. .planterignore works the same way as a .gitignore file does with git. If both files exist, Planter will default to the .planterignore.

This means you could tell Planter to ignore unique files in .planterignore, while git still utilizes the .gitignore file. Alternatively, if you want to ignore the same set of files for both, you can just retain a .gitignore.

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